Control the Head, Control the Legs – Ryan Rhoades

As a former wrestler and wrestling coach, I taught my athletes that wrestling is a sport about control.  If you control your opponent’s head his body will have to follow.  If you control his legs, his major power source, you can dictate his movements.  The one with the superior position always has an advantage to exercise the most control.

I also taught them that wrestling is the toughest sport and it mirrors life in more ways than any other sport.  Wrestling is the oldest sport; older than Athens-style democracy and practiced in the ancient Greek city-state of Olympia during the first Olympics.

Although it has only been a year since I gave those words of advice, they are turning out to be truer than I realized at the time.

The powers-that-be have used this knowledge, these methods of control, to advance their selfish agenda at the detriment of the average citizen.  The powerful political class and the even-wealthier bank and corporate managers, who often remain in the shadows, are systematically destroying our democracy right before our very eyes.

The “Power Elite”, a term coined by sociologist C. Wright Mills, controls the head using the mainstream media and controls the legs using socioeconomic policies.  If you control the head and the legs, the body is bound to follow. Read more of this post


Crony Capitalism, Corporate Personhood and Our Decaying Democracy – Ryan Rhoades

Part 1 of 3 – A Brief Look at Executive Branch Corruption and Unethical Practices

Against the background of the plugging of the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil well and behind the recent Supreme Court ruling Citizens’ United V. Federal Election Commission looms a much larger issue – a problem that pervades throughout our society, permeating the branches of government and perverting the very Constitution that public servants have sworn to protect.

Big business and finance are running our government, and they are running selfishly amok.

This is not about Democrats versus Republicans or liberals versus conservatives.  This is about an ideology that has taken over the basic democratic functioning of our government, and it is deeply embedded in our current political culture.

It is about the largest corporations, run by the wealthiest individuals whose motives are to maximize profits for themselves and their shareholders.  And let me tell you, they are making record profits even as millions of Americans suffer from joblessness, foreclosures, stagnant wages, vanishing pensions, and a host of other challenges to labor rights. Read more of this post